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I enjoy writing about almost anything. What's more, I tend to be interested in just about everything, so I do quite a lot of writing.

Whenever I go to watch a play, whenever I see a film or whenever I use a new product, I get the urge to write about it for the entertainment of other people.

Due to the fact I have a full-time job, my best intentions don't always come to fruition. But on many occasions I manage to produce some kind of review.

This web site is designed as a place for my reviews (and also the work of others) to live and breathe.

If you have any comments about what you read here or are interested in contributing or reproducing work, please email me at info@reviewswotiwrote.co.uk

Latest Reviews

'Saudi Arabian Days 2005'
Heaton Park, Manchester

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2005 Tour
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2005 Tour
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Ian Beesley - 'Street Corners'
Smith Art Gallery, Brighouse

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